The Risk Register

Welcome to the Risk Register,

The Risk register is currently being used by

  • The Royal Adelaide Hospital (where it is being developed)
  • The Queen Elizabeth hospital
  • The Repatriation General Hospital
  • The Womens and Childrens Hospital
  • The Flinders Medical Centre
  • Primary Care Services
  • SA Dental Services
  • Lyell McEwen Hospital
  • Modbury Hospital
  • Central Northern Adelaide Helath Services (CNAHS)

    the risk demo sites can be found here

    Risk Health (Sorry if it's a little slow, its hosted in the USA)

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    username: admin password: admin
    login as a local user using
    username: local1 password: local1

  • there is no real data is in the system so feel free to add data and play around with it. The power of the system lies in the reporting facilities

    V1.23h  in testing at: 11-March-2006 new design and generic user functionality